A house encircled with the bounties of nature! A poetic location that you always dreamed of experiencing. Something natural! Something simple yet spectacular!


pamper yourself with the tranquility of water…

When was the last time you actually swam in the relaxing waters of river? Well… we know its like forever! Join us at Nivant to get a real time swim experience across the river stream. It’s very different than any artificial swimming experience!


Enjoy a night out with stars…

Imagine a place full of stars on a wintery night surrounded by mountains while a gentle breeze sways the leaves all around! And imagine your self sipping hot coffee while relaxing in your own tent! Sounds amazing? Come to Nivant and we’ll help you live your imagination! A tent encircled by mountains and a roof of stars above your head! A picturesque and most soothing experience!


A great way to experience history…

An avid hiker or just a wanderer? Love to ascend and see some breathtaking places along the way? Then, Nivant is just the place for you. See the massive views of mountains fading into the skies while climbing the historical Mrugagad Fort. Witness the history of Maharashtra while also enjoying the lush green landscapes overlooking the fort!


Teach yourself some patience…

Relax at the quiet banks of the river and treat yourself with great fish catching experience! Test your patience and composure and bring home some tasty fishes for a platter!


Get to live a Nomad Experience…

Enjoy a sumptuous crispy meal on a bonfire as your conversations and humours rise towards minor things in life that make a huge difference.


Traditional farming. An experience to remember for lifetime…

Become a Farmer for some time! Immerse yourself in the rice planting experience and see if the art of planting crops makes you happy at heart!

Cow milking

A spiritual Experience!

At Nivant Farms, there is never a dull moment! Get a first hand experience of milking and drinking cow’s pure milk! A moment priceless and the happiest!