Mrugagad - 1 km

Mrugagad is a trekkers paradise, very close to Nivant farms. You can check in at Nivant in the evening, stay for the night and can go trekking in the early morning.
Historically, this fort was used as a watch tower.Judging by the fort picture, the shape of the Rock itself is such that there is no need of fortifications (a natural fort), and this fort actually does not have any fortifications, probably because of this shape.

Amba River

Amba River - 10 mins.

Amba River is not the typical river created by people. It has formed naturally in the year 1989. It is an amalgam of multiple waterfalls gushing through the mountains and meeting at one place. The Amba River has water all around the year and it has never been dry since it has begun to flow through the village.

uttareshwar temple - 500 mts.

Imagine a landscape where a river flows besides an auspicious temple where ringing bells create an atmosphere of divinity. Well, Uttareshwar temple beholds these images as well as exudes historical importance of designs on black rocks. This place is worth a visit for its phenomenal Architecture!


adlabs imagica - 21 Km

A fun frolicking, joyride of life awaits you! Enjoy the great rides of imagica filled with adrenalin and excitement. A perfect flavour to your weekend celebration!

pali temple - all around 25 Km to 30 Km towards Pali.

One of the biggest of the Lord ganesha’s 8 temples (ashtavinayak) Pali temple the idol is very mysterious in form and it has a very powerful and penetrant look. The vigour, the hugeness and the beautiful way in which the temple is built mesmerises you! One of the important reasons to plan a trip to Nivant Farms! By Borayin Maitreya Larios/CC BY 2.0/flickr

pali temple

umberkhind - 17 Km

If you are a history enthusiast, Umberkhind is place to visit. A three hour battle fought against mughals (army of 35,000) by shivaji (army of1000) was eventually won by Shivaji fought right here. Time to go back and experience some great moments in history!

sudhagad - 35 Km

Sudhagad is a popular trekking destination as it is one of the better preserved forts in Maharashtra. It takes about 1–2 hours to reach the top of the fort. The night halt at the fort in any season can be made at Pantsachiv wada and Bhorai mata Mandir. There are two water ponds on the fort. On the slopes of the fort there are trees of pandhri which are used to make a popular walking stick. For avid trekkers and adventure enthusiasts this place is nothing short of great experience! By Ankur P/CC BY-SA 2.0/flickr